Carolina Panthers Psl Agreement

Bank of America Stadium is being renovated to make the stadium accessible to Major League Soccer to reach Charlotte in 2021, a decision made by the Panthers` new owner, David Tepper. In order to modify the stadium so that a football team is equipped with new changing rooms, facilities for players and a new standing area, about 380 seat holders are involved. According to the Charlotte Observer, the Panthers called on January 23, the day before a team press conference to announce the stadium changes. „It`s really a sledgehammer that they gave us what we paid for when they were in Clemson (where the team played its first season in 1995),“ said Bill. Basically, they told us to go to hell and enjoy the trip. Bill noted that the team at least offered what they sell these seats online. In an email, the team revealed that home games will be limited due to guidance from public and local authorities, public health and public health professionals. „In order to accommodate as many PSL holders as possible in this reduced capacity scenario, we plan to provide each account with a limited number of home games,“ the email states. „The number of games that each PSL owner has access to is determined by factors such as approved capacity, total demand and, in some cases, seats.“ PSL owners have been asked to either opt for the use of tickets in 2020 or to opt out without penalty. Those who opt-out have the option to transfer credits for the 2021 season and future ticket purchases, or to obtain a full refund. Please contact or (704) 358-7253 to discuss PSL upgrades. The options available may be limited depending on the PSL inventory.

If you move to a more expensive PSL area, the new PSL price will be credited based on the amount originally paid for your current PSL. There is a free payment option at 18 months or 48 months for the single PSL difference. „They forced us to take the seats they had,“ Cindy said. „These are the seats they can`t sell, so we ended up doing it.“ The Official Carolina Panthers PSL Resale Marketplace offers a place to transfer ownership and sell PSLs on the secondary market. All offers and transactions will be verified and approved by the Carolina Panthers Ticket Office. To transfer psLs from the Carolina Panthers, the Panthers need a company officer to sign the PSL transfer form. This officer must also obtain the Panthers with a simple letter, on the corporate letterhead, authorize the sale of headquarters with a clear copy of the officers photo ID. The Carolina Panthers` PsL transfer fee is $400 per transfer.

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