Roe Agreement India China

The result was a faceoff handled by ground commanders in accordance with the provisions of bilateral agreements and protocols. We do not accept the assertion that India has unilaterally changed the status quo. On the contrary, we have maintained it,“ he said. The stupid decision and the Chinese will rejoice. So far, the Chinese have strictly respected the principle of non-use of bullets. They made fun of our soldiers in the hope that someone on the Indian side would fire first and break the agreement. And if that happens, all the agreements made will be null and void and will allow the Chinese to cross the border with rocket launchers. The government keeps making terrible decisions. The government said Thursday that the soldiers involved in the June 15 collision with Chinese troops were carrying weapons and ammunition, but that they did not open fire because they were pursuing border agreements between the two countries — a remark that was made in response to a question from Congress leader Rahul Gandhi about whether Indian soldiers were being sent „unarmed.“ The 1996 and 2005 border agreements between India and China prohibit the use of firearms in cases of facial destruction.

Article 6 of the Agreement on Military Confidence Measures along the LAC, signed by India and China in November 1996, stipulates that the two sides will not open fire or „within two kilometres of the effective line of control, no explosive operations or spear-hunting or explosives.“ The Indian army used an agreement that allows the two military personnel to take logistical support from each other, such as the purchase of fuel and spare parts for warships and planes, for the transaction, officials said and asked not to be identified if the rules are given for the media interview. Signed in August 2016, the Memorandum of Understanding on Logistics Exchanges aims to promote interoperability between the two military personnel. Article X Special representatives on the issue of borders continue their consultations to find an agreed framework for a border settlement that will serve as the basis for the delimitation and delimitation of the India-China border, which will then be carried out by civilian and military officers and surveyors from both sides.

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