Significado De Sponsorship Agreement

Sponsorship as an advertising and commercial strategy is common in the business world. A sponsor can be a person, a company or an institution. It is very common to see sponsors at sports and culture history events. Such actions are intended for potential consumers in order to combine the sponsor with the positive characteristics of the sponsored team, event or player. In addition, by promoting certain activities, the sponsor spreads a positive image of his social work (for example. B a brand that sponsors a solidarity career or a charity event). The word sponsor comes from English and it comes in turn from the Latin sponsor, which means „fierce,“ „sponsor.“ Sometimes the sponsor can be mistaken for the benefactor. However, sponsorship is not intended to generate direct business benefits, while the sponsor`s goal is to obtain certain benefits. In some countries, corporate donations to social organizations involve a reduction in taxes and are identified by forms of sponsorship. From time to time, it may appear in Spanish as a spinor.

However, it is recommended to use the Spanish words sponsorship or sponsor, as well as their derivatives sponsor or sponsor instead of sponsoring, and sponsoring or sponsoring instead of (e) sponsoring. However, if the vote is Anglican, it is right to write it in italics. In the company organization, the number of sponsors of a project (executive sponsor) is linked to that of the project manager who would be responsible for tasks related to the administration, such as .B the exercise of the defense of the project, obtaining financing, signing documents, among others. In this sense, the company`s sponsor is responsible for the success of the project. Ideally, the person who assumes this role should be a person with a great executive and political authority within the organization. A sponsor is a sponsor. This is a person or organization that sponsors, supports or funds an activity or project, usually for advertising purposes. For example: „Transportes Herrero will be the sponsor of the charity festival.“

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