Startosinstall Could Not Get License Agreement

@patgmac I`ve seen it with some of our devices. Something must be wrong with the binary boot stable, which corneres it at random. Apple contains a command line tool called startosinstall as part of the macOS High Sierra OS install application, in Install macOS High However, as we know that the startosinstall is finished if the hard drive cannot be verified, the diskutil command (or even fsck) that I mentioned could not be executed before anything else? I also see problems with the starter barn… However, it appears more precisely with the „nohup“ command. Does anyone else see this problem on editing: @sdpalmer we can`t monitor that. The script ends before the upgrade is actually completed, otherwise the startosinstall binary will try to restart while the script is still running, creating additional problems. We rely on the binary file to close the jamfHelper window as soon as it`s finished, so I think at this point it would be more of an Apple function that, if the binary fails, always indicates the killPID setting. I tried to re-download the MacOS app from Apple servers to make sure I wasn`t up to date on a deployment certificate. I tried to go from my 10.14.3 to 10.15.2, but I also tried to reinstall 10.14.3 with startosinestall. Both attempts led to the same error during installation.log. It seems there is no security update for my Mac.

I`ve restarted my computer several times. /Applications/Install- macOS- High- -applicationpath / Applications / Install- macOS- -agreetolicense -converttoapfs NO -nointeraction You can also check the amount of verification of files after they have been provided on the system? First, the InstallESD.dmg and the starter barn. Below are the orders and my number, curious to see how it compares… One solution I found, inspired by this discussion, was to add this line before I call jamfHelper and startosinstall: set -m This made jamfHelper and the boot stable totally independent of the macOSUpgrade PID and solved my problem! Even if my Mac doesn`t have internet access while running startosinstall, is there a problem? I fought this problem with the startosinstall command that wasn`t launched on some of my beta-testers. What I found was where I had errors, the computer had performed at least one OS upgrade on the spot with this workflow with an earlier version of the script (vers. 2.6.1). It seems that this workflow leaves a file „Library/LaunchAgents/com.install.osinstallersetupd.plist“ that refers to the High Sierra installation program we provided last year. I noticed in the file .log the following errors: Mur 6 08:14:49 Delete-Test-55675[1] ([2692]): Could not be found and/or program by specified service: 2 : Non File or Directory: /Applications/Install macOS High Mar 6 08:14:49 Delete Test-55675[1] ([2692]): Service configuration event to deal with bugs and is launched, when it is triggered. I wonder if others see the same problem or not. I created an EA to verify the existence of this file, and I find it on many of my production systems that would have made the workflow work last year. The Mojave workflow I`m testing uses version of the script this year and creates the same agent launch file, but I guess the former launch agent is still there and loaded, it causes the problem.

I`m curious to see what others might see. @patgmac after checking the installation .log on my computer, I discovered that installESD.dmg file could not be mounted because we installed a JAMF configuration profile to prevent the assembly of hard drive images. After I pushed the machine aside, it went through. It revealed an FV2 authentication screen after being restarted during the update process.

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