Westjet Interline Baggage Agreements

Again this year, the Canadian Transportation Agency (CTA), an independent administrative tribunal of the Government of Canada that regulates airlines, found that WestJet`s baggage guidelines were inappropriate and/or contrary to the requirements of the Canada Transportation Act and/or Air Transport Regulations on several occasions. [36] [37] [38] [39] [40] [41] I even hope that WestJet will one day become a member of Oneworld or SkyTeam instead of having so many separate agreements. CALGARY, May 11 /CNW/ – WestJet and Cathay Pacific today launched an inbound interline agreement to connect Cathay Pacific visitors to the Canadian WestJet network. CALGARY, January 13, 2016 /CNW/ – Aeromexico, Mexico`s global airline, and WestJet, Canada`s top-rated airline for customer service, have signed a codeshare agreement. Aeromexico and WestJet have had an Interline relationship since December 2011. Interline agreements between airlines make it easier for customers who need flights with more than one airline to reach their final destination. These agreements allow customers to travel on the networks of several airlines with the comfort of a single booking and the assurance that their itinerary involves reasonable connection times. Travel will be further enhanced if partner airlines agree to issue boarding passes and check baggage at the final destination, reducing the need for check-in with multiple airlines at each stop. In 2005, WestJet entered into a limited interconnection agreement with Taiwan-based China Airlines to test the company`s ability to cooperate with other airlines.

[94] An Interline agreement allows passengers to travel on this network with a single reservation. This makes it easier for passengers to obtain their boarding passes and check their luggage to the final destination. I thought the 25 $US fee is only for flights within North America. Since you are from the UK, you should not have to pay for the Air Canada leg. However, I do not think there is an interline agreement between the two airlines, which may mean that you cannot check baggage along the way and westJet may charge you a baggage fee in Toronto. When you arrive, you will need to pick up your luggage, as well as Canada Border Services and U.S. pre-check-in services and drop off your baggage on the connecting strip before going through security and going through your next door.

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