Arctic Search And Rescue Agreement

Under the agreement, the parties are required to exchange information that improves the effectiveness of search and rescue operations (e.g. B retrocommunications; search, rescue, refueling, care and medical facilities; aerodromes and ports, as well as their refuelling and refuelling capabilities). They should also encourage cooperation and consider cooperation on many topics (e.g. B exchange of experience and visits, exchange of observations, ship information systems, information systems, assistance services, joint research and development initiatives and exercises). The Contracting Parties shall meet regularly in order to discuss and resolve questions of practical cooperation. The establishment of a broader multilateral agreement would build on existing proposals for a Memorandum of Understanding on the Aviation Arctic, which would include both aeronautical and maritime SARS, as promoted by the 1979 International Convention on Search and Rescue at Sea, as amended; the Convention on International Civil Aviation, 1944 (Annex 12), as amended; and the International Manual on Aeronautics and Navigation and the IAMSAR Manual. . . .

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