Collective Agreement Vs Individual Agreement

As unions have recently reorganized their structure, employers have done. Since the mid-1990s, employers are no longer organized along political and/or religious lines, but mainly follow economic structures. [8] The VNO-NCW association[9] is the main representative of the Dutch private sector and represents large companies, both socially and economically. It is linked to the General Association of Dutch Employers (AWVN), which, as an employer, focuses on the interests of companies. The VNO-NCW association is a member of UNICE. [10] Small and medium-sized enterprises are organised in MKB-Nederland[11], enterprises active in agriculture in LTO-Nederland[12]. The three associations collaborate within the RCO: the Council of Central Business Organisations. FmE-CWM members include multinationals such as Philips, Stork and Corus.

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