How To Negotiate Enterprise Agreements

Topic 2: What is a company agreement, who does it cover and what should it be included? While the vendor injects its best-performing R&D, distribution, and marketing resources into the cloud, some of Microsoft`s enterprise customers are still bound by on-premise implementations operationally and contractually. This has led the vendor to take aggressive steps to migrate these customers to the cloud. The results include several price and licensing changes, an increase in formal and informal licensing controls (often disguised as software asset management commitments), and increased contractual complexity and inflexibility. They may also be employers approved by the Fair Work Commission as employers with a single interest, who may be either franchisees or other employers to whom the Minister of Labour has made a declaration. Understanding the perspectives of both the employer and the workers is the key to integrating productivity gains, as they allow for the negotiation of important areas for each party. According to statistics, the number of employees covered by a company agreement decreases every year. The Fair Work Commission authorises fewer agreements each year. Measures can be taken to remedy this decline. For successful company agreements and negotiations, the following should be taken into account.

Most employers are aware that the Fair Work Act has introduced many changes in corporate negotiations. Corporate negotiation is today one of the most controversial and difficult areas of employment, which has a considerable impact on corporate responsibility. This four-hour seminar guides you through everything you need to know about the legal framework and practical aspects of negotiation.. . .

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