Yg Collective Agreement

You can ask Geick (but he won`t answer, I tried) how many actually vote on this treaty, I suspect that about 5% of members do, given the deadlines, the lack of information and the obligation to be in town to vote during the small window of time to vote. Why not send a ballot to each member and send it back? Personally, I`d rather get out of the union and keep my $2,000 annual dues than see these guys „collectively bargain“ on my behalf. Every contract in the last 20 years has set members back economically. I am not in favour of this treaty proposal. (f) „local representative“ means a worker elected or appointed as a director or chosen by the Institute to represent workers in collective bargaining, joint consultations, committees and meetings with the employer; Iv. If the employee`s appointment is covered by a written agreement between the employer and the institute. The Yukon Teachers` Association Bargaining Committee held its first meeting on December 6, 2017 to negotiate a new collective agreement. A year later, almost on time, the YTA and Yukon governments reached a preliminary agreement to amend and extend the collective agreement. (c) Unless pipSC has mutually agreed otherwise, the employer shall retain the schedule of work referred to in clause HW.01(a) for a period of at least one year from the effective date.

Thereafter, the employer may notify PIPSC in writing for ninety (90) days of its wish to revise the work schedule referred to in clause HW.01(a) above. During this ninety (90) day notice period, the employer will consult with PIPSC regarding the employer`s wish to revise the work schedule. If, after consultation, the parties are unable to agree on changes to the work schedule, the dispute shall be subject to interest rate arbitration. B12.05 The claimant for maternity or parental benefits must sign an agreement with the employer which provides that, during collective bargaining in 2001, the parties agreed to abolish special leave banks in favour of more comprehensive leave schemes reflecting both the demographics of the workforce and the emerging needs of workers in order to meet personal and family needs. These new provisions were then incorporated into the collective agreement as Section D-6 „Other Leave with Pay“. A12.09 As an alternative to arbitration, a dispute may be submitted by mutual agreement of the parties to a mediator who will attempt to bring the parties to a mutually satisfactory solution. In the event that a solution cannot be found, the mediator may take an oral decision by mutual agreement between the parties. This decision shall be taken without prejudice to similar cases and shall not set a precedent. Such a decision shall be final and binding on both parties with respect to this dispute a) In the event that the Employer and the Institute do not agree on appropriate measures to implement the technological change, the Employer will inform the Institute of its decision.


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